Levarht becomes proud partner of Tomatoworld!

Cooperation has been in our genes for more than 80 years; being a reliable partner for growers, retailers and other chain partners, and providing added value to the supply chain. From now on, this includes a partnership with the Tomatoworld Foundation.

Our vision, to supply the world with fresh fruit and vegetables and to take good care of the planet that provides for us, flawlessly fits in with the Tomatoworld Foundation's vision. With this partnership, we want to actively contribute to the world food challenge; a wish that is beautifully expressed in Tomatoworld's new exhibition. #bringingthebesttogether 

Photo: Martijn Bouman (Levarht) Miranda van den Ende (Tomatoworld) and Claas van Os (Levarht)

Bringing ———
——— the best