Brazilian melon season off to a three-week early start at Levarht

Frank Levarht: "Many buyers want to switch sooner"

The Brazilian melon season kicked off at Levarht last week. "Here with us, the season started three weeks earlier than previous ones", says Frank Levarht of this Dutch wholesaler. He sees good opportunities for the Brazilian season. "The season in Spain is coming to an end. Brazilian melons have a long shelf life. Therefore, many of our buyers would prefer to switch to these melons earlier."

"The latest European harvest had low prices. Despite this, our clients are prepared to pay more for the new harvest from Brazil", Frank continues. Levarht imports watermelon (Seedless, Quetzali, and mini seedless), Piel de Sapo, Yellow Honeydews, White honeydews, Cantaloupes, Galias, and Snowballs from Brazil. The majority of these melons are imported under the company's own label, Sweet Kiss.

Franks remarks: "Co-worker, Gerbert van Egmond, is wearing his melon shirt every day, so we are up to the task!" 

The Brazilian season finishes at the end of January. Levarht will follow this up with consecutive overseas melon programmes. These will run until the end of April next year. They will get supplies from Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, and Panama.


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