Growing vegetables for an independent future.

Last week Arjan Levarht together with Paul Sugut of ChildsLife visited several schools in Kenia. During this trip there was space and time to share their passion for vegetables and fruit and they exchanged knowledge on how to optimize the cultivation yield.

Also they could witness with their own eyes how successful the first harvest of tomatoes is. The end of 2018 the first seeds were sent and now, a couple of months later, the first tomatoes have been used in school menus or sold at the local market.

Next to tomatoes they also grow peppers and several kinds of cabbage. Arjan and Paul were welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm and gratitude. One of the reasons they both look back at a very meaningful and impressive trip, where next to exchanging knowledge there was also room for a game of football in real Levarht outfits.

ChildsLife has several projects in a number of regions in Kenia. The glass house projects in which Levarht and Brazander take part are just a couple of many initiatives.

Quote Arjan:

“We are very proud to be able to share our passion for vegetables and fruit this way, so that we can contribute to a better future for these children.”

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