Levarht joins the Club van 100

Levarht is trendsetting and is specialised in connecting organisations, people and knowledge with the aim of making fresh and savoury fruit and vegetable varieties available worldwide all the year round. Fired by this ambition, Levarht has joined the Club van 100 of the Glastuinbouw business unit of Wageningen University & Research. The purpose of the Club of 100 is the ongoing innovation of knowledge and research in glasshouse horticulture.

Via the Club of 100, suppliers in glasshouse horticulture get easy access to the extensive expertise of the Glastuinbouw business unit. In addition, with their membership fees they contribute to the financing of applied strategic research in glasshouse horticulture. “The Club van 100 is a group of large and small companies with a broad representation from the supplier sector. This also includes trade and sales,” says Jan Willem de Vries as project leader of the Club van 100. “It is good to see that Levarht has now joined the Club of 100.

Business-to-Business activities

The members of the Club van 100 can use half of their membership fee for Business-to-Business activities whereby the knowledge of the experts in the area of glasshouse horticulture can be deployed. Jan Willem de Vries: “The members, like Levarht, come up with the formulation of a problem, and together we try to contribute to finding a solution. Think of things like simulation calculations or conducting a small-scale research.

Or bringing the Board of Management of the relevant member up to date about a specific subject. It is good to see that some companies are pooling their budgets to tackle a bigger subject. The results from these Business-to-Business activities are destined exclusively for the companies that have presented the question, for that matter.”

Lead in the area of knowledge

The other half of the membership fees is put together by the members in a joint kitty. The members decide together what subjects the Club of 100 needs to get to work on so as to make sure that the Dutch glasshouse horticulture cluster retains its leading position in the area of knowledge. “For each subject a monitoring committee sets to work to arrive at a concrete elaboration of the plans. Levarht will delegate its experts for this in order thus to add specific knowledge and competence.”

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