Investing in a sustainable future

Levarht sees to it that people around the globe can enjoy fruit and vegetables. It may not be new that this is achieved in a sustainable way also, but it is news. Nature and the environment are important to Levarht, not only because they concern the existence of the company, but also because it is Levarht’s ambition to pass the world on to the next generations in a manner that is sound. The role which Levarht takes in the food chain is essential and extends from growers to consumers. This makes it necessary to assume responsibility. For this reason Levarht has for several years now been working with a sustainability policy underpinned by 4 pillars: sustainable cultivation, sustainable packaging -which implies less plastic-, sustainable relations with our employees and environmentally friendly premises.

In the context of environmentally friendly premises, no less than 3,750 solar panels have been put into use in the past few weeks. This investment will generate 1 million KWH of power per year, which is equivalent to 40 to 45% of the total consumption. The good thing about the solar panels is that they do their work at precisely the time when Levarht needs them most. Indeed, on sunny days Levarht sees the energy consumption increase because the refrigerating unit must work extra hard to keep the hall and the cold stores cool. So the sun does not only increase the consumption of energy, it also boosts its generation. Moreover, the solar panels on the roof capture the irradiation, so that the premises heat up less.

In addition to the initiatives relating to the premises, Levarht is busy talking to partners in the chain so as to contribute their share to the reduction of plastic. This is taking place as a corollary to the cooperation in the area of sustainable cultivation. Among other things, sustainable cultivation implies that together with our growers we devote attention to the reduction of water consumption, crop protection agents and fertilisers. Finally, we find it of great importance to provide a good and healthy working environment to our employees. Our green Monday menu, the fresh juices and the daily fresh meals cooked by our own chefs are examples in kind!

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