Levarht entered the ‘Hillenraad top 100’ at the 45th place!’

Last week the new Hillenraad top 100 was presented at the fifteenth Hortigala, which was opened by Dutch minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The 100 most innovative and leading horticultural companies have earned a place on this list. Levarht is ranked at no. 45 this year!

Levarht, an international player in fruit and vegetables for over 86 years, has the ambition to be among the top 10 of the Hillenraad top 100 by the year 2023. With this years’ listing, a good first step towards that ambitious goal has been taken. 
The expert committee describes Levarht as follows: ‘Levarht is evolving from conduit to a connector, based on knowledge, logistics and data. They are heavily investing in digital systems and data analysing. The production side is also being modified; together with partners Levarht is looking for ways to increase the availability of fruit and vegetables,  to be able to offer the same products of the same quality, all year round. For example, they invest in daylightless cultivation to find out what the possibilities are.’

Levarht is particularly proud of this great achievement and sees this listing as an appreciation of the developments they have implemented in recent years and as recognition of the current strategy. 
Roland Gels, managing director at Levarht says: ‘In addition to being proud to enter the list at this position, I am also very proud of our people. Together with all our colleagues, we have made this listing possible. Together we listen to the wishes of the market and we respond to developments within this changing industry. The global power of horticulture forces us to make choices. I can assure you the list will look very different in 2 years and I am already looking forward to it!’


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