Bram Hulshoff Commercial Manager Mexico

With great pride, we can announce that Bram Hulshoff will be joining team Levarht as of the 25th of November.

Bram will become Commercial Manager Mexico, located in Querétaro. He will be the linking pin between our Mexican growing operations, our commercial team and U.S. based clients. Bram is the ideal candidate to bring our North American activities to the next level. Our joint objective is to expand our production base, assortment and client footprint to a standalone North American operation in the years to come. We believe we have a story to tell that delivers what it promises.

With over a decade of experience in North-, Middle- and South America in selling fresh produce to North American retail as CEO of Desert Farms (asparagus), we found the right person for the job. We look forward to our cooperation and believe in the bright future of Levarht’s American activities.

In January, he will be in The Netherlands for a couple of weeks to taste our culture. 
Welcome Bram, enjoy it!

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