Optimize crop yield in Kenya

For the third year in a row, vegetable grower Brazander and Levarht will travel to Kenya. The first week of March Arjan Levarht (Levarht) and Paul Zantman (Brazander) will travel and visit a number of educational projects for ‘the Childslife’ foundation. During this trip they are committed to share their knowledge for fruit and vegetables. By using the common passion about fruit and vegetables they will optimize the crop yield and optimize taste and quality of the crops.

Local project supervisor Paul Sagut, will guide Paul and Arjan to projects in the Makueni region and the Mukuru slum in Nairobi. Childlife creates projects to teach students of various primary schools in Kenya how they to grow fruit and vegetables themselves. Together we want to increase the potential for an independent future. Other than teaching the kinds how to grow crops Arjan and Paul will ensure that the local children can work out in a new outfit.

Do you want to stay up to date about the Childslife projects? Arjan and Paul will share their experiences on our social media channels.


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