Smaller packs increase significantly

Little Gem lettuce has grown more popular in the last years. This small and robust lettuce is a miniature version of Romana lettuce, with a sweet, crunchy and compact heart. The popularity of the Little Gem is rising. Compared to the same period last year (YTD) we already sold 203% more packs.


Smaller packaging increases significantly

The growth Little Gem has experienced since 2017 is mainly due to the smaller, two pieces packaging. In line with the current trend, we also see that Little Gem's small packaging scores very well. This increase is due to the growing number of smaller households and the reduction of food waste. Although the year is not over yet, the graphic beneath shows that Little Gem is growing in popularity compared to previous years.

Number of units sold, measured over the whole year



Other lettuces differ in availability during the year. Our Little Gem is available all year round. Together with our grower Murciana, we guarantee the excellent quality of the entire product. The lettuce is continuously tested on the latest quality standards in our laboratory. Murciana has developed their own seeds to safeguard the quality and to always guarantee the sweet taste. The careful treatment in combination with the way of planting, plant size, and the minimal pesticides used makes our Little Gem the best of its kind.


"After studies in our laboratory we consider that this is the best variety to make our Sweet Hearts due to its characteristic green-yellow color, its crunchy texture and the intensity of its flavor."

Dori Serrano, Commercial Director Murciana De Vegetales


Into the future

Our expectation is that the small packs for Little Gem will continue to grow in popularity. In addition to the two pieces packaging, we expect the demand for individually packed Little Gem to increase in the coming years. We also expect a growth in multiple color combinations, for example, packaging with a red and a green piece. Cultivation is developing rapidly with various new varieties. The quality of the sweet taste at the heart of the Little Gem is also getting better and better.


Little Gem in the spotlight

The good results and the growing popularity of the Little Gem deserves the spotlight. Every 14 days, we focus on one of our products. Visitors get to know the unique taste, and our colleagues get to know the product specifications even better and online we pay extra attention to the characteristics of this unique lettuce variety. Do you want to know more about the Little Gem? Follow us through our Social Media channels.

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