The pointed pepper has become an indispensable part of the fruit- and veg shelf in the supermarkets. If we look at the Dutch market, we see that the pointed pepper is growing in popularity. Compared to the same period last year, total sales in the Netherlands grew by 18%. The fact that the pointed pepper is not only a success in the Netherlands is reflected in the growth of our total international sales. Since 2017, the number of pointed peppers sold has more than doubled!


“The pointed pepper is now a mature product. The growth that pointed peppers undergoes stands alone and is not at the expense of other types of capsicums such as the bell pepper or the sweet bite.”

Daniel van der Voorn – Buyer


Why do shoppers choose the pointed pepper?

Convenience plays an increasingly important role in the purchasing process of fruit and vegetables.* A big advantage of the sweet pointed pepper is that it has less seeds and more fruit, compared to the traditional bell pepper. The seeds are all concentrated in the upper part. As a result, cleaning a sweet pointed pepper is a very quick and easy process. The shape of the pointed pepper also contributes to the ease of product use. The excellent shelf life and the rich sweet taste makes the product  even more attractive to consumers. 


Fresh pointed peppers

A flower on the plant grows into a sweet pointed pepper within 12-14 weeks. The great advantage of a full grown pepper: they can remain on the plant for up to 16 days! Which allows the grower to harvest on demand and ensures a fresh product in stores. The growth we have experienced with sweet pointed pepper is largely due to the conscious choice to collaborate with a specialty grower. The knowledge and expertise of the brothers Kevin and Nick Ammerlaan enables us to continuously deliver a high quality product. 


“When pointed peppers are ready for consumption,

they can remain on the plant for up to 16 days."

Kevin Ammerlaan - Grower


The future of the Sweet Pointed Pepper

We expect the growth of sweet pointed pepper to continue. In addition to convenience, the quality and the taste will become increasingly important for consumers. Compared to the traditional bell pepper the sweet pointed pepper shows higher scores regarding sweetness, fruitiness and aroma.  

The unique taste of a sweet pointed pepper compared to a bell pepper


Sweet pointed pepper in the spotlight

The good results and the growing popularity makes the pointed pepper deserving the spotlight. Every other week we focus on one of our products. Visitors are introduced to the unique taste, our colleagues are getting to know the product specifications even better and we are paying extra attention to the characteristics of the pointed pepper online. Do you want to know more? Follow us through our Social Media channels.  * Source: PWC, 2019 Report: Surviving the retail apocalypse

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