Pomelo: a secured position in the European market with a huge increase in sales over the last few years

The pomelo secures a position in the European produce market. In the last 10 years the sales of the pomelo has taken an enormous leap.
The market grew 800%, driven by Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic and the Scandinavian countries. 

Solid as a rock

The structure of the thick peel makes sure the fruit is well protected if it falls from the tree by accident. The peel of the pomelo catches the impact really well, because it is made of auxetic material. This unique quality means that the material becomes thicker when the fruit grows bigger. Researchers copied the structures to create a foam and textile-combined material. The result of this project is a prototype safety equipment which is 20% lighter, much stronger and more stable than the current used materials.


We are convinced that you have to eat a product only when the products have the best quality. Starting in the beginning of September we have a direct communication line with our partners to make sure the quality and the taste fulfils our needs.  Once our partner thinks the Pomelos have the right taste they ship small quantities to us, and we test them ourselves here. Once the quality and taste meet our expectations we start the import on a larger scale.  

 What to expect

The future needs a more sustainable product and together with our partners, that is an area to focus on. Together we have checked and reduced the usage of plastics in the whole chain. We are searching for the balance between having as less plastic as possible and having the best quality pomelos in Europe.

There is also an increase in the varieties with the focus on the sweeter variants. This has a lot of potential for growth of the pomelo.

 Pomelo in the spotlight

With the Pomelo season just around the corner and the growth potential of this unique citrus fruit, we want to put it in the spotlight. Visitors get to know the unique taste, and our colleagues get to know the product specifications even better and online we pay extra attention to the characteristics of this unique lettuce variety. Do you want to know more about the pomelo? Follow us through our Social media channels.

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