Brussels sprout: a small family hero

The green Brussels Sprout are increasingly popular and gain market share within the Dutch vegetable portfolio. These vitamin bombs have a mild cabbage taste with nutty notes. In the beginning of 2019 we saw a great increase what resulted in a year on year growth of 25% relative to 2018.


Brussels sprouts are eaten with families

The growth of the brussels sprouts are mainly driven by the bigger sized packages. While the demographic trend what shows us that households are getting smaller and the ageing sets trough. Both of these trends result in for other products in smaller packages. Therefore green Brussel sprouts is often eaten by families with children. Another big group is the consumers of 65 years and older. 4 out of 10 consumers above 65 eat at brussel sprouts at least once a week.

Buying frequency separated by age groups



Brussel sprouts are a typical example of a season product. Even though the season is extended, the Europeans are fond of the brussels sprouts during the winter period. A disadvantage is that it isn’t possible to harvest the product when it’s frost. Therefore we made sure we have a growers across the country, what results in a continue availability. The Netherlands has a perfect climate to cultivate the brussels sprouts, this optimal conditions make it possible to get the optimal yield of the plants. At our partner Eelco van Putten the brussels sprouts are directly cooled and packed after harvesting . The direct on side packaging location is the reason we can get them farm fresh instore.  


Into the future

We expect the comeback of the brussels sprouts sets trough in the next couple of years. This comeback will mainly be driven by the health benefits that the green brussels sprouts offers. A couple of years ago we expected a slight change towards the sweeter brothers of the green variant. The purple and the kalettes are both of them were a little sweeter but couldn’t fulfil the expectations.



Green brussels sprouts in the spotlight

The coming winter and the relevance of the brussels sprouts on this winter period makes that we want to put it in the spotlight. Visitors get to know the unique taste, and our colleagues get to know the product specifications even better and online we pay extra attention to the characteristics of this unique winter food. Do you want to know more about the Brussel sprouts? Follow us through our Social media channels.

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