Red grapes are known to have a very positive effect on our health. Despite the fact that white grapes are also healthy, dark grapes contain a higher amount of antioxidant: resveratrol. This antioxidant counteracts the aging process and slows down damage to cells. The nice bite and fresh taste make the red grape an ideal snack. We get them from all over the world and deliver these tasty fruits practically all year round!


Facts .. did you know?

  • Grapes were discovered as edible (and delicious!) as early as the year 5000 BC.
  • The grape spread all over the world via European travelers.
  • In addition to red grapes, you also have white and blue, but also green and black!
  • Of all the popular fruits in the Netherlands, grapes provide the most dietary fiber!
  • Grapes contain about 75 kcal per 100 grams. This is somewhat more than other types of fruit.           Therefore, do not eat too many grapes at one time.
  • The most famous drink made from grapes is of course wine. But did you know that grape juice is also delicious, and a real thirst quencher, especially in summer?
  • Grapes are in 6th place of the most eaten fruit in the Netherlands?
  • Many people do not immediately know that raisins are dried grapes?


Direct consumption

In order to be able to eat grapes as a fruit snack, it is important that the fruit is juicy and, above all, tastes very good of course. There are dozens of varieties that are eligible for direct consumption. Consumers usually prefer seedless grapes, this is easier to eat. By using cuttings it is possible to grow without seeds. This does create a little more work for the growers; they must either use a seeded variety as the female parent or modify cuttings at an early stage to produce seedless grapes. A complicated yet rewarding process!


Health benefits

Red grapes contain a lot of resveratrol in their skin. This antioxidant is also known as the "rejuvenation molecule". In addition to our health, it also protects that of the grape itself: it is a barrier in the skin that protects against external influences. Red grapes also contain potassium, which is good for the heart and helps with high blood pressure. In addition to resveratrol, grapes also contain polyphenols. This substance contributes to healthy cells and tissues. They are also full of vitamins and minerals, just like any other type of fruit. Super healthy!



Grapes are grown all over the world. Even in the Netherlands! Grapes need a lot of sun to grow. Grapes that will be made into wine need many hours of sunshine and are therefore grown in warmer countries. For the first three years, no grape grows on a vine, then fruit begins to grow on the tree. The tendrils sometimes live to be 40 years old. In addition to its location, the soil is very important for cultivation. The right soil ensures good ripening and taste.

Worldwide grape production in million ton

Source: Statista


The moment of harvest is also important for the quality: if you harvest too early there are still too many sugars in the fruit, if you harvest too late, the fermentation- or rotting process has already started. To determine when the right time is there, the grape juice is measured by the number of sugars in the grape.

Grapes are harvested both by hand and by machine. Grapes that are consumed directly are always picked by hand. This method of harvesting is gentler on the fruit and thus the quality is better guaranteed.

The other grapes are harvested with a grape picking machine. This machine drives over the vines and with the help of so-called "shaking slats" the grapes are shaken from the tree and collected; about 12,000 kg in 2 hours! When the grapes are grown for processing (wine or juice), the harvest is separated from the twigs in a particular machine.


Total export value grapes worldwide

Source: UN Comtrad


Levarht gets its grapes from South America and South Africa, among others. In the summer season, the grapes also come from Greece, Spain and Italy, for example. The Netherlands imports quite a lot of grapes. We are therefore high on the list in terms of import figures!


Into the future

Grapes are one of our key products. We supply all year round, see a lot of potential in this small fruit and know what we are talking about!


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