Facts.. did you know?

  • Galia melon has a particularly wide variety of nutrients and is therefore also recommended for top athletes?
  • The more yellow the skin, the riper and tastier the melon?
  • You can also smell how ripe the melon is? When it smells nice and sweet, it is ready to be eaten. If you still smell little to nothing, leave it for a while and try again in a few days
  • That the galia is a family member of the cucumber and pumpkin? It is a fruit vegetable
  • This melon is a cross between a cantaloupe and a honeydew?
  • This type of melon has the most pulp of all melons?
  • One slice of melon weighs about 120 grams. With 2 slices you are therefore on your daily recommended portion of fruit!
  • At 10-20 degrees celcius, you can keep a galia melon fresh for at least 7 days
  • Melons also contain a lot of water? It is therefore a real thirst quencher and will certainly keep you well hydrated at warmer temperatures
  • Melon is in 10th place of the most eaten fruits


 Melons from Levarht: a smart choice!

Levarht mainly gets its galia melons from South America: Honduras and Brazil for example.
We work together with our partners there and do customer-specific packaging and production on location. Nice and efficient!

The climate in the countries where we get our galia melons is ideal for production. Nice and warm and the humidity is high; this is vital for the melons to grow properly.

This makes us the best partner for melons: a collaboration offers unique opportunities.

For example: we have good availability, staggered production in the winter, a large network of the best growers, good product quality guaranteed and sustainability is of paramount importance. The melons arrive in the Netherlands or directly to our customers by boat. We can provide you with continuous market updates and evaluate before, during and after the season. Knowledge, years of experience and our own cultivation: the perfect partner.


Health benefits

The light green and tasty pulp of the galia is a source of vitamin C; this contributes to strength of bones and teeth and healthy skin. Vitamin C also helps to maintain your resistance. The fruit is low in calories, keeps you hydrated and satisfies hunger. In addition, the pulp is rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamins B1, B6 and B11, among others. Healthy snacking guaranteed!

Research in collaboration with Wageningen University and the Dutch Groentenfruithuis has shown that Western Europeans often eat melons as a snack (throughout the day), but are also increasingly eaten during main meals (in a salad for example).



The galia melon was developed in Israel in the 1960s as a cross between the honeydew and the cantaloupe. The name "galia" came about in a special way: the daughter of grower / developer Zvi Karchi was called Galia, and it literally means "wave of God".

The growth process of melons covers 4 stages:

  1. Sowing

Seeds of the melon are planted in a tray. After 10 days, the small plants are transferred to soil. The plants are cleaned every other day for up to 30 days. Our growers turn the melons in the field so they ripen evenly.

  1. Harvesting

During the harvest, the melons are cut close to the fruit with a sharp knife so that the fruit remains good. We use a certain type of fertilizer on the stem to prevent mold, which could affect the melon.

  1. Selection and packaging

After harvesting, the melons are washed and sorted according to size and quality. Together with our growers, we ensure that the highest quality melons go to the European retail market and the other melons to the local market.

  1. Transport

After harvesting and sorting, the melons are cooled for transport. The correct temperature makes the difference between a shelf life of 1 week or several weeks. The average transport time is 4 weeks.


Into the future

Melons are one of our key products. We supply all year round, have an enormous amount of knowledge through our own cultivation and have many years of experience. Do you want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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