Dutch cucumber during wintertime

How light gives us more possibilities

The first Dutch cucumbers are available again! By growing the cucumbers with artificial light, we have the opportunity to enjoy a Dutch cucumber during wintertime. These lit-cultivated cucumbers have a lot of benefits.

Did you know…?

  • Cucumbers consist of 96% water? Which makes them perfect for hydration.
  • Cucumber is a so called ‘fruit vegetable’. It is related to the melon and zucchini.
  • That packing cucumbers in a seal ensures a longer shelf life? This way you reduce food waste!
  • It is best to keep a cucumber in a cool place outside the refrigerator.
  • The cucumber is the fourth most consumed vegetable in the Netherlands?
  • This vegetable has a cooling effect? It can cool the blood temperature and relieve swelling. Perfect for a hot day and it makes sense that they are often used in facial treatments!
  • That a cucumber grows fairly quickly? You will have a fully grown product in 10-12 days!
  • Cucumbers are low on sodium and calories and do not contain fat? Perfect for snacking when you watch your weight.
  • Due to the regulated lighting, the cucumber is full of nutrients! The plant catches a lot of light during the growing process.
  • The light also creates a more beautiful, deep green color?
  • The light regulation also gives a consistent harvest. We have a lot of control over the growth process. This allows us to guarantee quality!


Dutch cucumber

In the past you could only find Dutch cucumbers in the summer period. Our rainy, gray and cold winters meant that the climate was only suitable for growing good quality cucumbers during summertime. In winter, foreign products are usually offered. Due to the emergence of lit-cultivation, in which LED and SON-T light is used in greenhouses and the plants are exposed to light in a regulated manner, it is possible to offer Dutch cucumbers in winter as well. Dutch cucumbers are known for their good quality and delicious taste. This is no different for the lit-cultivated product; there are many nutrients in the lit-cultivated cucumbers because they capture so much light during the growing process!



The acreage of ​​lit cultivation is growing in the Netherlands. By lighting crops, growers are able to regulate production much better and ensure a continuous supply. In addition, it also gives us the option to deliver 'outside' the mainstream season. Or ... are the seasons shifting now? The share of illuminated cultivation will probably only increase.

A big advantage of national cultivation is that we are becoming increasingly self-sufficient and less dependent on cultivation from other countries. In addition, the Dutch cucumber is of course known for its good quality and taste. A win-win situation for sure! Various types of lamps and light are used in lit- cultivation of cucumbers: LED and SON-T, Both have their advantages. With year-round cultivation on our own soil, we limit the food miles of the product considerably: also quite sustainable!

Market facts

Compared to 2019, overall cucumber sales in 2020 (euro) are down by 8%, however Volume (kg) is up by 14% (Source: IRI 2019 vs 2020 ytd wk 1-40, excl Hard Discount).

This means that during the Covid pandemic, a lot more cucumbers have been consumed and consumers paid less for their cucumbers. Driven by the sustainable and healthy perception, Organic Cucumber sales are up 9%. Shoppers increasingly seek convenient products that are healthy.

This is one of the reasons that Snack cucumbers found their way into shopping baskets even more, up 15%. Cucumbers fit these consumer needs perfectly. They are easy to prepare (on -the-go and/or in salads and snacking) and they are healthy. They are for instance a good source for vitamin K, which helps the body with blood clotting and to maintain healthy bones. Also very suitable for our kids’ lunchboxes!

Into the future

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