About us


Together. A word that makes a Levarht heart beat faster. Connecting people all over the world is what drives us and our business. We want to bring people together to achieve our shared goal – to make our freshest and most delicious fruit and vegetables available to anyone, anywhere in the world, all year round.

Together with our partners we want to realise our shared ambitions. We want to conquer the challenges of fresh fruit and vegetables, find the opportunities in our challenging market and make it all happen.

Our soul

It is with good reason that we are proud to say that connecting people is in our genes.

In 1933, Jan Levarht founded his grocery store in an authentic Dutch village, south of Amsterdam. ‘Grandpa Levarht’ had a passion for quality and strove for satisfied customers just like today’s Levarht. Grandpa Levarht wanted “to discover the flavours of the world and to make them available.” This same passion, curiosity and authenticity is still in our company’s philosophy and in our colleagues’ hearts.

Worldwide partnerships

Grandpa Levarht always cherished sustainable partnerships, and so do we. We are fully aware that we cannot excel without our strategic partners, growers, seed companies, logistic partners, knowledge partners, colleagues and customers. Together we grow, pack and distribute thousands of fresh products each day, that find their way to kitchens in more than 80 countries all over the world. And inspire consumers to enjoy fresh products and live a healthy life.

Our mission is to bring together the best complementary parties, valuable knowhow, knowledge and expertise. By doing so we can inspire and support each other and help each other grow.”

Throughout the entire supply chain, we see ‘happy consumers’ as our main objective. That is why we endeavour to understand consumers better by exploring the buyer’s journey, why we share our knowledge and enable ourselves to respond to the challenges of the ever-changing market.

Levarht’s main role in the supply chain is to connect. Our mission is to bring together the best complementary partners, valuable knowhow, knowledge and expertise. By doing so we can inspire and support each other and help each other grow. As our slogan says – bringing the best is not something we can do on our own, we can only do it together.

Bringing ———
——— the best