Category Management

At Levarht we are curious and eager to understand consumers’ needs and desires. We always want to explore the best ways to fulfil their expectations. This is a heartfelt ambition that can only be achieved together with our partners in the chain – growers, seed companies and supermarkets. All sharing the same ambitions and objectives – to transform our shared consumer into a happy consumer who is willing to come back to the store for our joint proposition.

Choosing sustainable partnerships emphasizes the need to share knowledge, capabilities and expertise in the supply chain. Not only to understand current and future demand, but to recognise it as a shared opportunity. We strive to turn the many opportunities into a joint business success that benefits us all. If all partners, from seed companies to growers and supermarkets, see the opportunities, identify the challenges and put their minds to it, we can surely make it work!

“We believe that we can turn the many opportunities  into a joint business success that benefits us all.”

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