Worldwide distribution

The biggest challenge we face together in the world of fruit and vegetables is bringing the best and freshest products to kitchens all over the world, all year round.

To reduce the wait, all our growers and logistic partners are dedicated to securing the shortest route from field to fork. Our specialised colleagues and our logistic partners will find the most suitable solutions for customers and growers, always focused on a customised solution by road, sea or air. Whether it concerns offering direct delivery from growers to our customers worldwide or fulfilling customer-specific demands, like consolidation of shipments or small-scale order picking.

Levarht facilitates crossdocking and packing in its own distribution centre, just a few kilometres from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. That makes it possible to minimise the time to the customer with airfreight; inbound and outbound.

With our global network of transporters, freight forwarders and our own logistics specialists, we fulfil our customers’ needs and match supply and demand. On time and at the lowest possible costs.
So, Bringing the best together also applies to our joint partnerships in the distribution of fresh produce.

Bringing ———
——— the best