Our perspective on cooperative cultivation

Everything we do is dedicated to the consumer. People all over the world should have access to fresh, tasty and healthy fruit and vegetables. For that reason, Levarht wants to understand the preferences and motives of consumers. We like to surprise them and help them enjoy new and familiar fruit and vegetables all year round.

“Think global, act local”

Understanding consumer demands and market trends is key to creating long-term and successful partnerships with our growers. As knowledge partner we connect all the partners in the chain to develop new products, optimise the logistics processes, innovate and open up new markets. Although we operate on all continents we like to say “think local, act local”. Together we have established year-round production with a clear focus on local markets and local production, with their specific needs. You have to be one, to know one.

“Sharing expertise, knowhow and even risks”

Being the connector in the supply chain, it is our responsibility to achieve the best match between production and demand. Our growers are secure, as their entire crop is marketed at a fair price via our worldwide sales network.

We can only achieve long-term partnerships in the supply chain if we can add value. Levarht strongly believes in the power of cooperation, because it results in synergy. To us cooperation means sharing expertise, knowhow and even risks.

As the sales organisation for our partner growers and our own production, we can achieve the best possible service levels and deliver the best qualities via the shortest routes to our joint customers. Continuously, every day of the year.


Bringing ———
——— the best