2 September 2021

Plum tomatoes are one of our favorite tomato varieties due to their versatility. They are a bit firmer compared to other varieties and have fewer locules (seed compartments) than ‘standard’ round tomatoes, which makes them a perfect fit to cook with. Due to the trend of culinary cooking at home and our love for this […]

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12 May 2021

Tomatoes on the vine are well-known for their aromatic taste. Due to the fact that they are so full of flavour, they are very suitable chopped in a salad, on toast or in a traditional Italian Caprese salad with mozzarella and basil. As culinary cooking at home became more popular since 2020, the demand for […]



31 March 2021

The green bell pepper is a bit bitter and sweet fruit, picked before ripening. As it ripens, it will turn yellow, orange or red (with the exception of a few varieties). Whilst the red ones are mostly preferred due to their sweet taste, the green bell peppers also have a lot of benefits in terms […]



1 March 2021

Plums are considered drupes, which means they contain a hard stone pit around the seed and have soft flesh. They are a little underestimated in our opinion; plums are super tasty and very healthy! They are a very good source of vitamin C and also a good way to score some vitamin A too. Our […]



15 February 2021

Our Dutch eggplants are available again! With their shiny peel and significant taste, usability in the kitchen and lots of health benefits, the eggplant is becoming more and more popular. Did you know…?  Eggplants are actually a kind of fruit instead of a vegetable? You cannot eat them raw: always prepare them in some kind […]



4 January 2021

Red grapes are known to have a very positive effect on our health. Despite the fact that white grapes are also healthy, dark grapes contain a higher amount of antioxidant: resveratrol. This antioxidant counteracts the aging process and slows down damage to cells. The nice bite and fresh taste make the red grape an ideal […]



21 December 2020

The cantaloupe melon is well-known on the shelves of the greengrocer and supermarket. The coarse, ribbed yellow-green skin and orange flesh is recognizable to most people. This melon is actually a ‘fruit vegetable’; it is related to the cucumber and pumpkin. You often see the cantaloupe appear on the menu in the summer; as a […]


Chicory: a healthy and versatile veg!

8 December 2020

Although chicory has been available all year round in recent decades, we see the vegetables on the menu especially in winter. In several countries in Europe we see that peak sales are in the winter. This makes the chicory a real winter vegetable! How chicory is managed differs per country and / or region.   […]


Brussels sprout: a small family hero

2 November 2020

The green Brussels Sprout are increasingly popular and gain market share within the Dutch vegetable portfolio. These vitamin bombs have a mild cabbage taste with nutty notes. In the beginning of 2019 we saw a great increase what resulted in a year on year growth of 25% relative to 2018.   Brussels sprouts are eaten […]


Pomelo: a secured position in the European market with a huge increase in sales over the last few years

6 October 2020

The pomelo secures a position in the European produce market. In the last 10 years the sales of the pomelo has taken an enormous leap. The market grew 800%, driven by Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic and the Scandinavian countries.  Solid as a rock The structure of the thick peel makes sure the fruit is […]



24 August 2020

The pointed pepper has become an indispensable part of the fruit- and veg shelf in the supermarkets. If we look at the Dutch market, we see that the pointed pepper is growing in popularity. Compared to the same period last year, total sales in the Netherlands grew by 18%. The fact that the pointed pepper […]


Smaller packs increase significantly

10 August 2020

Little Gem lettuce has grown more popular in the last years. This small and robust lettuce is a miniature version of Romana lettuce, with a sweet, crunchy and compact heart. The popularity of the Little Gem is rising. Compared to the same period last year (YTD) we already sold 203% more packs.   Smaller packaging […]


Optimize crop yield in Kenya

26 February 2020

For the third year in a row, vegetable grower Brazander and Levarht will travel to Kenya. The first week of March Arjan Levarht (Levarht) and Paul Zantman (Brazander) will travel and visit a number of educational projects for ‘the Childslife’ foundation. During this trip they are committed to share their knowledge for fruit and vegetables. […]


Levarht entered the ‘Hillenraad top 100’ at the 45th place!’

6 November 2019

Last week the new Hillenraad top 100 was presented at the fifteenth Hortigala, which was opened by Dutch minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The 100 most innovative and leading horticultural companies have earned a place on this list. Levarht is ranked at no. 45 this year! Levarht, an international player in fruit and […]


Investing in a sustainable future

3 October 2019

Levarht sees to it that people around the globe can enjoy fruit and vegetables. It may not be new that this is achieved in a sustainable way also, but it is news. Nature and the environment are important to Levarht, not only because they concern the existence of the company, but also because it is […]


Levarht and Rijk Zwaan share the ambition to optimise the Asian melon market

29 August 2019

The international trade fair, Asia Fruit Logistica will be held in Hong Kong from 4-6 September. Both Rijk Zwaan and Levarht have been participating for many years, presenting their latest innovations. This year, both companies will present Asian Jewels: a range of melon varieties specifically developed for the Asian market. The product presentation is the […]


Melon contest in one of our customers’ supermarket

10 July 2019

What is the favourite way to eat a melon in Dubai? Spinneys, one of our  great customers, has launched a fun contest on Facebook. Spinneys’ customers can share their favourite way to eat our rock, snow or cantaloupe melons. See the contest on Facebook We will try some of the recipes in our canteen […]


Levarht joins the Club van 100

26 June 2019

Levarht is trendsetting and is specialised in connecting organisations, people and knowledge with the aim of making fresh and savoury fruit and vegetable varieties available worldwide all the year round. Fired by this ambition, Levarht has joined the Club van 100 of the Glastuinbouw business unit of Wageningen University & Research. The purpose of the […]


Growing vegetables for an independent future.

1 April 2019

Last week Arjan Levarht together with Paul Sugut of ChildsLife visited several schools in Kenia. During this trip there was space and time to share their passion for vegetables and fruit and they exchanged knowledge on how to optimize the cultivation yield. Also they could witness with their own eyes how successful the first harvest […]


First cucumbers grown under artificial lights

17 January 2019

Exciting days but we remain as “Cool as a cucumber”  Our Van Nature growers Ben en Chris Bolleboom have become the first from our growers cooperative Van Nature to produce cucumbers grown under artificial lights! In recent months together with colleagues, they have looked after the 3,4ha lighted cucumbers to ensure that we can deliver […]


Brazilian melon season off to a three-week early start at Levarht

29 August 2018

Frank Levarht: “Many buyers want to switch sooner” The Brazilian melon season kicked off at Levarht last week. “Here with us, the season started three weeks earlier than previous ones”, says Frank Levarht of this Dutch wholesaler. He sees good opportunities for the Brazilian season. “The season in Spain is coming to an end. Brazilian […]


“Asia is becoming an increasingly important market for us”

21 August 2018

The United States and China keep pelting each other with increased trade tariffs. This has led to the necessary pressure on prices in certain markets. It has also created opportunities. “Many American producers are looking at other markets. This means sales to places like Hong Kong and Malaysia are currently under pressure. By continually adding value, […]


First Dutch Brussels Sprouts now available

14 August 2018

What a great picture we received from ouw grower! Brussels Sprouts, a typical Dutch vegetable we Dutch love to eat in the winter, growing under the sun. Dutch Brussels Sprouts now available at Levarht!


Levarht becomes proud partner of Tomatoworld!

5 July 2018

Cooperation has been in our genes for more than 80 years; being a reliable partner for growers, retailers and other chain partners, and providing added value to the supply chain. From now on, this includes a partnership with the Tomatoworld Foundation. Our vision, to supply the world with fresh fruit and vegetables and to take […]


Kicxs Tomatoes

3 July 2018

Let us introduce you to the new KICXS tomatoes! Kicxs tomatoes have a surprising, distinctive taste. Sweetness with a little sour; real adult snack tomatoes. You can enjoy these Dutch grown tomatoes on the go, as a snack at work or as a treat at parties. There are several packaging options. The sustainable cardboard bag, […]


Collaboration with Agroindustrias Distex

23 January 2018

Levarht has started a collaboration with the melon company Agroindustrias Distex from southern Honduras. “Besides the melon programmes that we do from Brazil, Guatamala, Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica this is a nice addition with large arrivals for Easter,” says Frank Levarht. Read the full article on Fresh Plaza;…


Sweet potatoes in Levarht boxes

21 December 2017

Look at these sweet potatoes shining in their new Levarht boxes! We would like to give you an exclusive behind the scenes shots in our grower’s warehouse in Nicaragua. Did you know the sweet potatoes are dried before they are packed in their boxes? Now that we are already challenging your knowledge about sweet potatoes, […]

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