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Matta family
Our ambitions are to create value and long term relationships with our partners with good knowledge, management and productivity through our well-committed employees.
Matta family

Beta, our family owned business, was founded in 1994. We have 2,798 hectares of asparagus. We are possibly the only company in the world that supplies asparagus all year long. We have fields in the south and north of Peru which allows us to have this product every day of the year.

We have the infrastructure, tools and knowledge to do any kind of packing or presentation for asparagus. We can do bundles or tips, work with bulk packaging or punnets, wooden or plastic boxes; we are very versatile when it comes to packing.

We refer to our customers as our partners and Levarht is an important one. We work with them for more than a decade and our common goal is to grow together and supply our customers with fresh asparagus all year long. We are very proud to pack our asparagus in their beautiful brand ‘Tasty&Fresh’ and we can be part of their category of exotic fruits and vegetables.


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