De Bron en De Maasroute

Personal name:
Jan van Drunen and Jan van Delft
The Netherlands
We think it’s important to offer added value with our products, and we therefore follow procedures which we have agreed with customers to ensure we continue to meet their wishes.
Jan van Drunen and Jan van Delft

The De Bron and de Maasroute nurseries are jointly run by Van Nature growers Jan van Drunen and Jan van Delft. These two growers decided to establish a modern 3.2 hectare business together several years ago. This company grows and packs Prunus plum tomatoes. In 2010 they acquired an existing nursery nearby, adding another 4.8 hectares. The growers decided to grow cocktail and cherry tomatoes on the vine on this site, enabling the company to offer a more complete range of products. The companies are customer-focused and strive to produce high quality products. The growers are always looking for new ways to innovate.


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