Van Onselen Aubergines B.V.

Personal name:
Arjan, Peter and Martijn van Onselen
The Netherlands
Arjan, Peter and Martijn van Onselen

Arjan, Peter and Martijn van Onselen are the Van Onselen brothers. They have been cultivating aubergines since 1990 at 2 locations is ‘s-Gravenzande.

According to the Van Onselen brothers, the tastiest aubergines are the least bitter ones. The older an aubergine is, the redder it will appear and the bitter flavour will be stronger. Aubergines are low in calories and are often used as a meat replacement by vegetarians. Aubergines ansorb the herbs, spices and juices in a dish, which makes them real flavour carriers.
You particularly need to feel aubergines to check whether the product is good. The crown needs to be even in colour, with no brown spots. The aubergine itself should feel firm. You can eat aubergines when they are not firm but it is an indication that the fruit is older.

The Van Onselen brothers are proud of where their family company is now. They still get a real kick from cultivating; achieving high quality in spite of extremes weather conditions, as well as consistently producing and selling excellent aubergines.

Certification: Company Van Onselen Aubergines B.V. has GlobalGAP and Tesco’s Nurture certification

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