Moors Ijssla en Moors CV

Personal name:
Peter and Ton Moors
The Netherlands
Iceberg lettuce
Driving home at the end of the day and seeing the irrigation system watering a freshly planted plot as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon really makes my day!
Peter and Ton Moors

In 1940, Toon Moors (1st generation) started an arable farm growing flax, rapeseed, beetroot, barley and wheat. After a while, he also started growing potatoes.  When Peter Moors (2nd generation) joined the family-run farm in 1982, the range expanded to include iceberg lettuce. In 1998, Ton Moors (3rd generation) joined the company.


We grow Welkin and Skindel varieties. We plant Welkin for the early season, as this variety is resistant to aphids and downy mildew. We grow Skindel for the remainder of the season, as it develops the right head size on our soil, is highly resistant and crops over a long harvest window.

We start planting in mid-March and plant a number of sets (50,000 plants) every week. We aim to supply lettuce from the end of May until mid-October. We can usually start harvesting after seven weeks, and before that we weed between the crops once. We apply a few treatments to keep the crop healthy. After harvesting, the lettuce is vacuum cooled to 2 degree Celsius and then delivered immediate.

The tastiest, best quality lettuce is an attractive, bright green with a minimum of red discolouration when cut.

Moors Ijssla en Moors CV has GlobalGAP certification



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