Hot Pepper King

Personal name:
Ad van Luijk
The Netherlands
Hot chillies
Red chilli peppers are a great natural source of flavour and very healthy. More and more people are discovering chilli peppers.
Ad van Luijk

Chilli peppers are available in a wide range of varieties and sizes at Levarht. The red, green and yellow chilli peppers are grown by Ad van Luijk. Hot Pepper King nursery is located in Nootdorp and covers 1.3 hectares. The business has been operating since 1985.

Ad van Luijk explains: “Chilli peppers are like bell peppers: the fruit starts off green, and then turns red.”

If you want to find out precisely how hot a chilli pepper is, you can refer to the Scoville scale. This will show you that there are much hotter varieties than the Fireflame chilli pepper grown by Hot Pepper King. The Scoville scale is shown on the chilli pepper packaging which Levarht has developed. Green chilli peppers are generally a bit milder, followed by red chilli peppers, whilst the yellow variety is hotter still.

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