Nico van Adrichem

Personal name:
Nico and Conny van Adrichem
The Netherlands
A good cucumber shines and is fresh and crunchy. You can recognise a good cucumber by its rough skin.
Nico and Conny van Adrichem

Nico and Conny van Adrichem have been running cucumber nursery Ni+Co since the start of 2014. The business covers around 5 hectares and is located in IJsselmuiden. Different cucumber varieties are grown in the nursery at different times of year in order to get maximum benefit from the laws of nature.

Nico used to grow roses in Pijnacker, but because of the heavy competition he switched to cucumbers. His parents use to grow this vegetable, so he already knew the tricks of the trade.

Quality is number 1 priority at the nursery! Every day they work hard to ensure that the cucumbers are sent out in good condition, fresh and packed with flavour.


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