P.N. Slagter

Personal name:
Koos Slagter
The Netherlands
Did you know that a cauliflower contains 92% water? Cauliflower is also rich in vitamin B1, B2, B6, B11, B12 and vitamin C.
Koos Slagter

The farm has been part of the Slagter family for generations: growing is our passion.
Koos Slagter’s main crop is regular white cauliflower, but he also grows green, orange and purple cauliflower and Romanesco. The Slagter farm, which covers 240 hectares, is located in Andijk, in the north-west of the Netherlands.
If winter conditions permit, we start our season in early April by harvesting winter cauliflower. This variety is followed by spring cabbage, which is sown in March and harvested in May. During summer, growing continues until September. The season ends with autumn varieties, which can sometimes be harvested until early December.

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