Rica Fruta

Personal name:
Olman Badilla
Costa Rica
Piel de Sapo
Honeydew melon
Maribel Barquero: “The products we offer our customers are excellent quality, thanks to the implementation of production practices in the field and post-harvest management which ensure that the product is safe and hygienic.”
Olman Badilla

Rica Fruta has been a subsidiary of Levarht since 2006. A large proportion of our melons are produced and exported by Rica Fruta. This unique collaboration enables Levarht to respond rapidly and supply the customer with reliable products tailored to their needs.

Rica Fruta’s grows in Parrita, Pilas de Canjel and Jicaral, Costa Rica, where they grow watermelons, honeydew melons and Piel de Sapo melons with the greatest of care. Both areas are close to the sea, which means that the soil is ideally suited to growing melons. The climate is tropical and dry. These factors are vital for growing sweet and juicy melons.

Rica Fruta’s goal is to produce an outstanding and reliable product for their customers.



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