Southern Paprika Limited

Personal name:
Paul Stevenson, Stuart Attwood and Hamish Alexander
New Zealand
Bell Peppers
Having flexible systems, listening to our customers and focusing on quality have made us a preferred supplier in a number of markets.
Paul Stevenson, Stuart Attwood and Hamish Alexander

Southern Paprika Limited (SPL) was formed as a partnership by Levarht and Alexander Cropping Limited (ACL) in New Zealand in1998.

The scope and purpose was to build on ACL’s strength in growing and Levarht’s marketing and distribution expertise as leverage for the rapidly developing Japanese market.

Since inception, SPL’s distribution network has strengthened and now incorporates consigning capsicums to various supermarket chains/markets in Japan, Australia and Canada.  SPL has also become a cornerstone supplier to Foodstuffs Supermarkets and Subway Restaurants in New Zealand.


Although SPL has developed its own distribution network in Australasia, its primary focus is on production, with the aim of producing quality and competitively-priced products with consistent supply.  These are the key success factors which SPL has identified from customer feedback, and it constantly strives to meet those expectations. Consistency and quality of product and supply is attributable to producing products under glasshouse conditions.

SPL, together with Levarht in Holland, constructed a 7.5 hectare glasshouse in Mexico for the export of capsicum into the USA market. For more information about Freshmex, click here.

The name ‘TAKE A PEP’ is a registered trademark of SPL.  The trademark is owned internationally by Levarht.  All products marketed by SPL can be recognized by this logo. The TAKE A PEP brand guarantees the highest quality and freshest product available.



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