Tuinderij Boender

Personal name:
Mart Boender
The Netherlands
Iceberg lettuce
When I see a huge trailer, completely filled with green Surprice boxes, leaving our company to head for De Kwakel. That sight really makes my day – time and time again!
Mart Boender

We currently grow Lollo Bionda, Lollo Rosso and green and red oak leaf lettuce, and may start growing other lettuce varieties in the future.
We start planting in mid-March. These early plants are covered to protect them from frost. Harvesting starts from early May. The full season in the Netherlands continues until mid-October. After this date, harvesting stops and the time arrives for maintenance – on the machines for example.

We immensely enjoy working with Levarht. Everything is very consistent, transparent and honest. There are never any surprises around the corner, so we can focus fully on producing top quality lettuce.

During the season, we employ four seasonal workers. They truly do have green fingers. Just one in ten people has the ability to work hard and produce the right quality lettuce. My team performs to deliver the right blend of quality and quantity – and that’s a fact I am very proud of.

Tuinderij Boender has GlobalGAP certification


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