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Personal name:
Marcel and Ferry Adegeest
The Netherlands
Cherry plum tomatoes
A fun fact about tomatoes: you use more calories consuming a tomato than the calories that it contains. So by eating a tomato you are losing weight; perfect for people who are dieting! That's why there is also the Tomato Diet.
Marcel and Ferry Adegeest

Brothers Marcel and Ferry Adegeest grow cherry plum tomatoes at their nursery in Bleiswijk. They took over the business from their father, and it has now grown to cover 6.75 hectares spread across two sites.

Marcel says: “Why did we want to become market gardeners? Because it’s the best job in the world! Obviously it’s great to run your own business, and we really enjoy devoting every day to growing optimising the crop. You might also say that my brother and I don’t know any better. As a child I was always at the nursery with my father, so you grow into it.

Marcel and Ferry are growing the Sweetelle variety at the moment, because they believe that this is currently the best variety when it comes to snacking tomatoes with a very good taste. The variety offers strong quality and is not too coarse.


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