The Piel de sapo melon is also known as the Santa Claus melon. It has an oval form has with a characteristic peel of dark green tones and darker spots, resembling the skin of a toad. Its flesh is of an intense white color and has a firm texture, with large amounts of juice rich in sugars. Recognize by it’s sweet and intense flavor accompanied by an excellent balance between firmness and creaminess provided by the high amount of juice inside.

A ripe Piel de Sapo melon has a distinctive sweet aroma. Our Piel de Sapo grower MYM is based in northern Costa Rica.  This grower has been supplying Levarht exclusively for over 10 years.

Quality control on the Piel de Sapo melons is provided by our own production company (Rica Fruita S.A) in Costa Rica to ensure that we can guarantee the best quality.

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The Honeydew is round to oval and a bit larger than the typical cantaloupe. It has a smooth firm skin that turns from green to pale yellow as it matures, transforming from hard and smooth to almost slightly sticky. The crisp yet juicy flesh is greenish with the deepest shade just below the skin. If the blossom end yields to gentle pressure, the melon is ready to enjoy. Once a Honeydew melon is picked, it may soften but can no longer get any sweeter. Vine-ripened melons picked at their peak maturity will have the best flavor and highest sugar content. 

ur honeydew melons are refreshing, extremely juicy and sweet. The melons are grown in northern Costa Rica by our growers MYM and Moyba. They have been growing honeydew melons exclusively for Levarht since 2000. Quality control is provided  by our own production company (Rica Fruita S.A.) in Costa Rica to ensure that we can guarantee the best quality.

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