You would not expect it when you taste them, but the asparagus plant is family from the onion, leek and garlic. Originally asparagus are from the Mediterranean, but volumes from Peru and Mexico are increasing very quick. The climates in these countries are perfect for growing asparagus and consequently the consumers can be provided year round.

Green asparagus have a stronger and more bitter taste than white asparagus. White asparagus remain white because they see no sunlight: they grow in the ground. In the Dutch season they are even called the “white gold”.

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Asparagus grows outdoors in the soil. White, green and purple asparagus is available. The precise colour is influenced – and determined – by exposure to sunlight. For example, green asparagus is allowed to grow above the soil, whereas white asparagus is kept below the soil. For purple asparagus, only the very tip of the spear is allowed to protrude above the soil. The warmer it is, the faster asparagus grows.

Quiche with asparagus and goat cheese

Quiche with asparagus and goat cheese

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