Bell Peppers

Our peppers are available in the main colours red, yellow, orange and green. Each pepper colour has its own unique flavour. This means that peppers offer a wide variety of uses, in salads and hot dishes or as a snack.

Our peppers are grown in the Netherlands by Van Nature growers Onno Tas, Daniel van de Burg, Reinier Janssen, Wijnand Bos, Robert van Zeijl and Marcel de Koning under the brand VDN. The growing season in the Netherlands runs from week 10 to week 44.

Because there is a high level of demand for our peppers in the American and Japanese markets, we also have growers in Mexico and New Zealand who grow peppers for Levarht. This enables us to supply all our customers all year round. Our offering to these countries includes peppers under our premium brand ‘Take A Pep’.

We offer various packaging options for our peppers, including  flowpack, individually sealed, bagged or in a net. We would be delighted to discuss this with you. For more information please contact

Take a Pep
Product group:
Bell Pepper
Storage temperatures:
10 °C - 50F
Field to Fork, Global Gap, Tesco Nurture
Week 10 to 44
Product sheet:
Bell peppers

Bell peppers

Bell peppers are grown in greenhouses. It takes about four months between planting and harvesting the first bell peppers. Bell peppers originate from Central America. The most commonly known colours are green, red, yellow and orange. However, bell peppers also come in shades of purple, brown and white. They are known by different names in different parts of the world; bell peppers, peppers, capsicums and sweet peppers.

Four coloured bell pepper soup

Four coloured bell pepper soup

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