Brussels Sprouts

Our brussels sprouts have a mild flavour. That mild flavour makes them much tastier than the brussels sprouts of the past. You get mild sprouts by selecting the right varieties, planting them in the right type of soil and harvesting them at the right time.


The brussels sprouts are grown with the greatest care for the environment and the crop. Outside in the field the sprouts grow in sunshine and rain to become tasty, healthy vitamin bombs. By giving them the correct amount of nutrition and water, our Van Nature grower Eelco van Putten ensures that the brussels sprouts grow well and are of excellent quality.


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Brussels Sprouts
Storage temperatures:
1-4 °C - 33 - 39F
BRC, Global Gap
Holland week 35 to 8
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Brussel sprouts

Brussels sprouts grow in fields outdoors. The ancient Romans are said to have cultivated and eaten Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts were presumably grown as early as the 13th century in west Europe, including in what is now Belgium.  From about that time, the vegetables were grown in the region around Brussels. This early cultivation developed in the 18th century into the Brussels sprouts we know today.

Mashed potatoes with Brussels Sprouts, apple and truffle honey

Mashed potatoes with Brussels Sprouts, apple and truffle honey

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