Cantaloupe melon

Our Cantaloupe melons are the sweetest of all melons. This melon is perfect for use in desserts and fruit salads. Our cantaloupe melons are produced in Honduras and Brasil. The climate in these countries is ideal for growing melons. High humidity levels and temperatures are vital for growing sweet juicy melons.


We have been working with Agrobilano in Honduras for many years. This production company is based in southern Honduras, in a  region which offers the perfect conditions for growing melons. We have also been working with Mata Fresca, based in Mossoró in north-east Brasil, since 2005. The melons are checked here by our own quality control team, so that we can be certain that our melons are of excellent quality.

Cantaloupe melons can be supplied under your own private label in a range of bespoke packaging. They are also supplied under the Sweet Kiss label.

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Agrolibano is audited by Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) with focus on the ETI base code and local law.

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Storage temperatures:
3 °C - 37F
Global Gap, Tesco Nurture
Honduras: week 1 to 20, Brazil: week 34 to 4
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Cantaloupe melons

Cantaloupe melons

Cantaloupe melons grow in fields outdoors.

Cantaloupe melons come from India and Africa, but their name derives from the Italian village of Cantalupo, close to Rome, where fruits were first cultivated in large quantities in Europe.

Rubik’s cube of fruit

Rubik’s cube of fruit

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