Celery sticks

Celery sticks are the young light-green sticks of the celery plant. The healthy sticks of the celery can be baked, cooked and stir-fried and are a famous snack food. The leaves are strongly flavored and are mostly used in soups, stews or as a dried herb. Celery sticks work good in a weight-loss diets, as there are almost no calories in a celery stick. They work good against a high blood pressure and fluid accumulation. And celery sticks are filled with vitamins and minerals.

We work closely with growers in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Spain. All growers have at least a Global Gap certificate.

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Field vegetables
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12 °C - 55F
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Celery sticks

Celery sticks

Celery can be grown outdoors and in greenhouses. It takes seven to eight weeks to grow. Celery was first cultivated in Italy. Celery is the pale green stalk of the celery plant.

Vegetable stalks

Vegetable stalks

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