Chicory red

Red chicory is a cross between chicory and radicchio. While red chicory is also grown in Holland all year round, it is not as well-known as the white variety. It is grown in the same way as white chicory, but it has a less bitter taste.

Red chicory has a mild, sweet taste, and is easy to use in salads, stir-fries, oven dishes and casseroles. There are therefore plenty of possibilities for using the healthy, stylish-looking red chicory, which also lends an attractive visual element to your plate or dish.

We work with carefully selected chicory growers. By shipping direct from the grower we can supply the freshest possible product. Our growers have a Global Gap certification.

Product group:
Field vegetables
Storage temperatures:
1 °C – 33,8F
Global Gap
Holland, year-round
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Red chicory

Red chicory is a cross between chicory and radicchio. It has been grown in Italy for centuries.

Red chicory
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