The leaf crop chicory is grown in the dark, since the leaves turn green in the light.

Chicory can be eaten both raw and cooked. In the past chicory had a somewhat bitter taste, but today’s chicory varieties have little or no bitterness.

Chicory is a two year crop. In the first year, the roots are grown by sowing. The harvested roots are placed in trays (in the dark). This is done in trays with running water. A chicory crop then emerges from this in 3 to 4 weeks.

We work with carefully selected chicory growers. By shipping direct from the grower, we supply the freshest possible product. Our growers have a Global Gap certification.

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Chicory cultivation is a process that demands time and patience. First the chicory roots are grown from seed sown directly in fields. Once these roots have formed they are lifted. The roots are transferred to a cold storage unit for a period of rest. The roots are then placed upright in containers for forcing. After about three to four weeks the chicons (chicory) will have been produced. During the growth process, all light is excluded to ensure the chicory retains its lovely pale creamy colour

Forcing chicory was discovered in Belgian by chance in around 1850. It only gained more recognition after 1930 and its real popularity started to grow from 1945 onwards.

Chicory salad

Chicory salad

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