Purple sprouts

For the past few years our grower Eelco van Putten in Dirksland has been growing purple sprouts. The sprouts are grown and tended with modern environmentally-friendly techniques during the summer. The harvested sprouts are cooled and dried before being packed.

The features of this variety compared to tra­ditional sprouts are:

– Sweeter and milder taste

– Slightly nutty


For more information about our purple sprouts? Please contact brusselssprouts@levarht.com


B Invulvelden

Varieties: Red darling

Branding: VDN

Category: Vegetables

Product group: Brussels Sprouts

Certificates: Global Gap

Availability: Holland week 47 to 50

Storage temperatures: 1-4 °C – 33 – 39 F

Product sheet:
Purple Brussel sprouts

Purple Brussel sprouts

Purple brussels sprouts are sisters of the familiar green sprouts, and also grow in the same way in fields outdoors. The purple colour is caused by anthocyanins (a pigment that occurs in various cabbage types). So, it is a natural colour.

Curried purple sprouts with basmati rice

Curried purple sprouts with basmati rice

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