Quiche with asparagus and goat cheese

Number of persons
4 persons

Preparation time

1 bundle of white asparagus (+-300g)
200g soft goat cheese
6 – 10 sundried tomatoes
1 leek, in rings, fry briefly
1 big red onion in thin rings
1 tbsp dried thyme
125 ml crème fraiche
3 eggs
60 gram pine nuts
Puff pastry or filo pastry for the bottom
Sea salt and pepper
Spring form

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This lovely recipe is from our colleague Sabine.


Preheat the oven at 180C. Cut off 2 cm from the bottom of the asparagus and cook them al dente in 3 minutes. Strain them and rinse with cold water. Let them leak properly, dip them dry with paper towel and cut them in pieces of 2 centimetres.

Mix the goat cheese with the crème fraiche, eggs and thyme and whisk all of this well. Chop the sundried tomatoes into pieces and stir these through the mixture together with the red onion and leek rings. Flavour properly with salt and pepper.

Cover the spring form with puff pastry or filo pastry and puncture the bottom with a fork. Lay the pieces of asparagus on the bottom and pour the goat cheese mixture over it. Sprinkle with the pine nuts.

Bake the cake in about 40 minutes in the oven until it is done.



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