Tas Paprika B.V.

Personal name:
Onno Tas
The Netherlands
Bell Peppers
Onno Tas

Sustainability and efficiency receive a great deal of attention at the Tas farm. Many of the logistical processes at the company have been automated, rainwater is collected in order to water the plants and maximum use is made of biological crop protection. This modern peppers farm grows varieties of yellow and red peppers which are specially selected for the Japanese market.

Alongside the modern growing facilities there is also a modern packing line in order to safeguard the quality of the peppers throughout the process. The finished product is specially packed for Japan, and is sealed in gauze bags after being checked by the Plant Disease Inspection Service. Levarht collects the peppers on a daily basis. Levarht ensures that the time spent in transit is kept to a minimum, and our location close to Schiphol Airport creates an efficient supply chain, so that the peppers arrive at their destination as fresh as possible.

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